Frequently Asked Flat Glass Questions

What does “low-E” mean?

Low-E or low emissivity glass has a reflective coating. In cold weather, it holds in the heat by reflecting it back to its source. When cold, the low-E coated glass blocks UV rays and permits 95% of natural light to pass through it.


No, double-pane windows or insulated glass units are sealed at the factory. Once a seal has failed, repairing it is not possible. Metz Glass can assist you in ordering a new replacement window and installing it. Our team will provide you with options based on your needs.

What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass is annealed glass that has been heated to a high temperature then quickly cooled making it four times stronger than annealed glass, tempered is considered a safety glass because when tempered is broken it breaks into lots of smaller pieces instead of big shards reducing the chance of a serious cut. Tempered glass cannot be cut or altered once it has been made. Tempered or a safety glass product are required in all door openings.

What is a semi-frameless shower door?

A semi-frameless shower enclosure incorporates features of both the fully-framed and frameless designs. The shower panels are typically framed in metal, while the door is attached only by a continuous hinge, giving it a frameless feel.

Do you service commercial doors?

Yes, we service door closers, pivots, and many other parts of commercial glass doors. We do not work on steel doors.

Frequently Asked Auto Glass Questions

I called an 800# my insurance company gave me to schedule auto glass replacement. I told them I wanted to use Metz Glass and they told me: “They are not on our approved vendor list..” “You will be responsible for any extra expense incurred..” “We can’t guarantee their work..”

The choice of who performs your auto glass installation is YOUR CHOICE. Choose Metz Glass and get the quality installation and superior customer service you deserve.

Many insurance companies will employ national glass companies to administrate auto glass claims called “networks” for them. These companies will try to keep as many auto glass claims as they can for themselves, ignoring customer choice and using any scare tactics they can to redirect a customer to their own shop. This is called “steering” and it is against the law. Our auto glass installations are guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.

How long does it take for my windshield installation?

Most windshields are installed with a urethane adhesive that has a specific curing time. Your vehicle is safe to drive when the adhesive meets manufacturers recommended safe drive time. In addition, if your vehicle is equipped with an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS or Camera System) then recalibration is required after windshield replacement. The majority of vehicles equipped with ADAS will require most of the day for installation and recalibration.

How long before I can wash my car after getting a new windshield?

We ask that you wait 24 hours after your windshield is replaced before going through a car wash. The chemicals and water pressure may affect the installation. Regular precipitation, such as rain, will not affect the sealant or cure time. In fact, water can speed the cure process.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover cards.