Shower Doors

Through the years, the shower enclosure has evolved into the focal point of the bathroom. Today,  a  beautiful shower enclosure is the centerpiece of the bathroom. It anchors the room, directs the light, catches the eye, and significantly increases the resale value of your home.

Shower & Tub Enclosures
Metz Glass is Fayetteville’s leading expert when it comes to the design and installation of custom shower enclosures. Infinite design possibilities are available, limited only by your imagination. A wide variety of frame colors, glass types, and hardware finishes are available to match any decor. We have shower doors to fit any budget.

Framed Shower Enclosures
Framed shower enclosures are one way to update your bathroom, and eliminate shower curtains forever. All our enclosures are custom made to fit the opening of your bathroom. A framed shower enclosure has an aluminum frame that goes around the entire perimeter of the enclosure.  The standard metal finishes available are chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and gold.  The glass in framed shower enclosures is 3/16” tempered glass.  You can choose clear glass, as well as obscure glass in rain or aquatex.  There are also a variety of other obscure glass patterns available.  Stop by to see samples of all the metal and glass finishes in our office. 

Frameless Shower Enclosures
With the exception of the hinges for the door, brackets for any fixed panels and a handle, there is no other metal on a frameless shower enclosure.  The design of a frameless shower enclosure gives a cleaner, more open appearance to your bathroom.  These enclosures are also known as heavy glass enclosures because the glass for these are 3/8” or  ½ “ thick tempered glass.  We offer a wide variety of beautiful finishes to enhance the décor of the bathroom.  We also have complimentary hardware, such as pull handles, knobs, and towel bars to match.  A frameless shower enclosure will instantly add a look of quality to your bathroom!

Below is for Frameless shower enclosures:.

Wall Section Diagram – Note the placement of hinges along the blocking

Design Tips To Consider From The Start Of Your Frameless Shower Enclosure Project
1) Proper wood blocking in the wall for the hinges and fasteners is one of the most important things that should go into the design. This is necessary to support the weight of a frameless shower enclosure.  See the diagram for a drawing of this specification.
2) Seats and Curbs – must be pitched for proper drainage.  The correct shower curb pitch will result in proper drainage. Be sure to pitch the curb towards the inside of the shower enclosure. A pitch between 3/16″ and 1/4″ is ideal.
3) All walls of shower enclosure must level and plumb. This is necessary in order for glass doors and panels to fit properly.
4) Position body sprays and faucet heads towards tile walls, not towards enclosure doors.
5) For a frameless enclosure, do not use raised decorative tile on any part of the door swing area, especially on the outside the enclosure where the door swings open. Decorative or raised tiles could impair the door from opening properly and could result in damage to the door.
6) When in doubt, call Metz Glass, we will be glad to help you!

Gallery of Shower Doors: